How to travel to Stockholm

For the travelling to Stockholm you have many different ways.

The following items show you some of the connections over land and air.




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Stockholm Arlanda

Stockholm Bromma

Stockholm Skavsta

With the airportbus can you travel directly to the centre.

Local public transport


There is so much to see and the following links can give you a good overview about culture in Stockholm, sightseeing in Stockholm spare time activities in Stockholm etc:

Tourist attractions

The list below will give you some hints about tourist attractions:

The world-famous warship the Vasa

The world’s oldest open-air museum Skansen

Prins Eugen´s Waldemarsudde

The NobelMuseum

The RoyalPalace

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm Cathedral

Astrid Lindgren’s Junibacken

Adventures in Stockholm

Stockholm´s ICEBAR

Vaxholm´s fortress

Army museum

Historiska museet

Moderna museet


Here we can give you some links if you are looking for accommodation in Stockholm:

There are some camping sites in and around Stockholm:


For cheap hostels in Stockholm you can look at these pages:

An interesting alternative could be to rent a private room

in a guest family. Here are some links:

If you are looking for a hotel you will have lots of choices: 310018&label=stockholmxPnrqF*2DnHmeDj8kq2rWQS4174536040&sid=334cf0d0f9e89d1500a6c54490f6a556&lang=en&selected_currency=



If you want to travel by train you can look at this page:

If you want to fly to Stockholm you can look at one of Stockholm’s three airports:

The main airport is Arlanda:

Then you have Bromma airport:

And in the south of Stockholm you have Skavsta airport:

To book a flight to Stockholm from Great Britain, America, Australia or elsewhere you can choose one of the following sites:

To move around in Stockholm you should use the tram, the underground or busses:

If you need a map or have to find an address or something else in Stockholm you can use these pages: