How to travel to Stockholm

For the travelling to Stockholm you have many different ways.

The following items show you some of the connections over land and air.

  • Train
  • Plan

  • Airports

With the airportbus can you travel directly to the centre.

  • Local public transport

There is so much to see and the following links can give you a good overview about culture in Stockholm, sightseeing in Stockholm spare time activities in Stockholm etc:

Tourist attractions

The list below will give you some hints about tourist attractions:

The world-famous warship the Vasa

The world’s oldest open-air museum Skansen

Prins Eugen´s Waldemarsudde

The NobelMuseum

The RoyalPalace

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm Cathedral

Astrid Lindgren’s Junibacken

Adventures in Stockholm

Stockholm´s ICEBAR

Vaxholm´s fortress

Army museum

Historiska museet

Moderna museet


Here we can give you some links if you are looking for accommodation in Stockholm:

There are some camping sites in and around Stockholm:


For cheap hostels in Stockholm you can look at these pages:

An interesting alternative could be to rent a private room

in a guest family. Here are some links:

If you are looking for a hotel you will have lots of choices: 310018&label=stockholmxPnrqF*2DnHmeDj8kq2rWQS4174536040&sid=334cf0d0f9e89d1500a6c54490f6a556&lang=en&selected_currency=



If you want to travel by train you can look at this page:

If you want to fly to Stockholm you can look at one of Stockholm’s three airports:

The main airport is Arlanda:

Then you have Bromma airport:

And in the south of Stockholm you have Skavsta airport:

To book a flight to Stockholm from Great Britain, America, Australia or elsewhere you can choose one of the following sites:

To move around in Stockholm you should use the tram, the underground or busses:

If you need a map or have to find an address or something else in Stockholm you can use these pages: