group courses

Group courses

We offer 15- or 30-lessons group courses.

The 15 lessons group courses are for beginners or Students who have reached A1.2 level. The 30 lessons group courses are from A2 level.

Our group courses normally last 5 days: Monday-Friday (for special requests please ask us!)

We normally have at least 2 learners and we don’t have more than 6 learners in a group course

(for special requests, for example if there already is a previously formed group, please ask us!).

  • Our 15 lessons group course consists of:

  • Three hours lessons in the morning (often from 9:00 to 12:00)
  • You will learn the basics of the Swedish language: the alphabet, to introduce yourself, to ask for things, the basic grammar...
  • The main focus will be the oral conversation.

  • Our 30 lessons group course consists of 15 lessons of ordinary language training. During this time the group trains different parts of the Swedish language with the teacher. The main focus will be the oral conversation but you will also train grammar etc. The topics of this part can be discussed with the teacher in advance before the course starts. The teachers make suggestions, the pupils decide.                                                                     The other 15 lessons you will get the possibility to practise the things you learned. While you will discover the best places in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lund, Malmö, Visby,... you will train to talk Swedish. You will learn much about scandinavian nature, history and culture and at the same time improve your Swedish. With the trainer by your side you will make trips for example in the beautiful archipelago.


To compose good groups, it is important for us to know your language level. Please tell us when you contact us. Most of the pupils for the 30 lessons group courses should at least have learned the most elementary parts of the Swedish language.

The teaching place for the 15 lessons group courses will often be at the teachers place.

For the 30 lessons group courses we chose locations near the centre of the cities, a little bit depending on the number of students who will participate. You will get to know the exact place at your confirmation paper or when you get in touch with the teacher before course starts.