History from Swedish Eexpress

Martin had an idea about learning Swedish in Sweden via communication summer courses in language. He tried it out with his former colleague Ingrid in a kind of pilot project in Göteborg. Those language courses last one week.

The evaluations of the first participants were very positive and encouraged him to try for real in 2009.

Since then the company developed step for step and now Swedish Express can offer group courses in Stockholm, Göteborg, Gotland, Åre... and one-to-one lessons at different places in Sweden.

Swedish Express offers not only summer courses, there are courses running each month of the year both for groups and one-to-one.

Even companies can book qualified teachers for Swedishlessons for their employees. Swedishtraining via video-teaching is another part of the wide range from Swedish Express.

Since the beginning there have been participants from over 30 countries.