lessons for companies


You have a company and you are looking for Swedish lessons for your employees?

We can help you! We try to find a qualified teacher for you as soon as possible, normally within 1 or 2 days. We have teachers for you in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Uppsala, Visby,…

If we do not have a teacher available at the place you are looking for, we can offer you to recruit one within 1-2 weeks.

Our teachers are also used to teach online via skype, zoom,.... Feel free to ask us for an offer.

Swedish Express has organized lessons for the employees of the following companies:

  • Celsa Nordic AS
  • Sony (Lund)
  • Schneider Electric (Lund)
  • Chalmers University Göteborg
  • Konecranes GmbH Lifttrucks
  • Mexican embassy
  • German embassy
  • Enagas (Göteborg)
  • Astra Zeneca (Göteborg)
  • Rain Bird Sweden AB
  • Rederi AB NordöLink
  • Roland Berger Strategy Consultants AB
  • Simon&Simon
  • Skanska
  • Software AG Sweden
  • Storck
  • Vattenfall

Please contact us so we can help you to get Swedish lessons! To get in touch with us, fill in the contact paper and send it to us. You can even email to: info@swedishexpress.eu

We will come back to you as soon as possible with an offer.