Language level

Grouping in language levels

Group courses

To organize our group courses we would like to know from you which language level you have reached up to now. To find your level you can use “The Common European Framework” who divides learners into three broad divisions A, B, C which can be divided into six levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

What does language level mean?

If you are still unsure which language level you have reached we can give you some links where you can test yourself.

By the way: our teachers are very used to deal with some different language levels within the same group and can handle it well.

One-to-one lessons

If you have chosen to get one-to-one lessons, the teacher will ask you for your language level when you get in touch with each other the first time. Please tell the teacher as detailed as possible about your language level, your learning methods, the material you have used, other experiences with the target language (for example journeys), etc... to give him/her an opportunity to plan lessons for you which can improve your skills best.