Welcome to learn Swedish with Swedish Express!

Unfortunatelly we have to cancel all group-courses with more than 2 participants because of the pandemic!

Courses for 2021 will come up soon!

Online lessons, one-to-one lessons and two-to-one lessons are still available!

Please get in touch with us for further informations!

We can offer you:

  • Swedish courses at all language levels
  • Swedish lessons for private persons and for companies
  • one-to-one lessons or group courses
  • summer courses, winter courses, courses at almost every day of the year
  • to organize the lessons according to your wishes concerning contents, time schedule, teaching place, etc
  • to find qualified and motivated teachers for you
  • lessons at different places in Sweden (for example Göteborg, Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund, Malmö, Gotland, Åre, Kangosfors, Åland …)
  • reasonable pricing

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