lessons for private person


Our philosophy is very easy as you can see from the following points:

  • The main part of our group courses consists of oral conversation. We think that it is of importance to train and practise the new language with teachers who are native speakers and who have Swedish as their mother tongue.
  • Obviously the best way to learn Swedish is to learn it where it is spoken: in Sweden! With our 30 lessons group courses, we can offer you a combination of language learning and sightseeing/practising if you want!
  • Normally we will teach you in small groups (1-6 learners). That way it is possible for us to promote/support you individually in the optimal way. Our learners really have the possibility to increase their language levels very much and they do. The evaluation shows, that they are very satisfied with the teachers work.
  • Especially for beginners (from level A2) we make practical exercises in our 30 lessons group courses where the learners have to use the new language. We try to build up their self-confidence so that they really try to practise the language in reality.
  • If you do not have any basics yet you should try our 30 lessons group courses for beginners (level 0 and A1.2) before you continue with our 30 lessons group courses A2.
  • Learning at our courses should be fun. Therefore all our teachers try to create a good group climate.
  • We offer the possibility to discover Sweden and its towns like Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Lund, Visby (Gotland) and the Swedish mountains from various sides: the historical and the cultural. Those of you who like sports or nature will also have lots of things to discover in Sweden.
  • If you plan to visit Sweden, our courses give you a very good start and a good opportunity to prepare yourself or to fresh up your Swedish before you start your vacation.
  • If you are learning Swedish in your home-country, our courses will give you the unique possibility to practise and to improve your knowledge, since coming to Sweden and taking part in our classes will include lots of possibilities to communicate.