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Language courses on Åland 2019


Below you will find an overview about our group courses on Åland.


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level /

number of lessons




course status





September 2019

30 lessons week course




w 38


A2 / B-level /



(30 lessons à

60 min)



Åland / Mariehamn


Where? - on Åland, in the capital Mariehamn


Group size? - At least 3 persons, maximum 6 persons


Benefits? - Monday to Thursday --> 3 language lessons á

60min in the morning


Friday and Saturday --> full day trips with the teacher with language application exercises


Price? - 5.200 SEK for ca. 30 lessons á 60min


Daily routine?

Monday to Thursday: 3x60min language lessons in the morning


After finishing the morning lesson you will

have the possibility to do something on your

own or to join an activity with the other



Friday to Saturday: Full day trips on the occasion of

Thanksgiving "Skördefest" on Åland with the

teacher and many language application