course plan and course concept

Summer language courses in Kangosfors 2018


Below you will find an overview about our group courses in Kangosfors.


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level /

number of lessons




course status






w 30





(15 lessons à

60 min)






w 30


A2 / B-level /



(30 lessons à

60 min)





Our summer courses in Kangosfors are a bit different to the other language courses. The course lasts one week and we will teach all levels, often with two teachers in two small groups.


Where? - In the village Kangosfors - Tornedalen

(140km southeast from Kiruna)


Group size? - At least 2 persons, maximum 10 persons


Benefits? - You will get 3 or 6 hours á 60min of lessons

per day



Price? - 3.500 SEK for 15 lessons á 60min

(language levels Beginner, A1.2)


5.200 SEK for 30 lessons á 60min

(language levels: A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)


Both prices include som traveling by car during the week.The transfer from the rail station/from the airport Kiruna or Gällivare cost about 200-250 SEK for one way!


Daily routine?

in the morning: 3 hours of language teaching

(theory, all language levels)


in the afternoon: 3 hours of language practising with the

teacher/ sightseeing, different activities

(language levels: A2, B1-2, C1-2)