Accommodation during the course



For this week we will offer you to organize your accommodation:

  • a room in a guesthouse in the village Kangofors, in direct connection to the place where the lessons will be held,

single /double room about 400 SEK per person and night

  • a place at the local camping site for example for camper and motor caravans

cost about 100 SEK per night/person/tent

cost about 250 SEK per night/caravan/camper

cost about 400 SEK per night/little cottage for 2 persons

cost about 600 SEK per night/cottage for 4 persons

more informations: Uddens camping

  • a room in a comfortable hotel situated ca 7km from Kangofors cost about 1000 SEK per night

more informations: Explore the North

  • a comfortable guesthouse in Kangos(fors)

cost about 1550 SEK per night

more informations: Lapland Guesthouse

Of course you can also book your own accommodation.